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What is Hot Rolled Coils/Steel Sheet

Hot-rolled coils and steel sheets are produced by hot rolling in the following manner: the heated steel billet or slab goes through rolls so that a specified thickness and form are achieved. The sheets have an improved mechanical property and better surface finish compared with those in cold rolling.

Applications of Hot Rolled Coils and Steel Sheets

Building construction: Hot rolled coils and steel sheets are used quite widely in the manufacture of the structural parts of buildings, such as beams, columns, and joists, and for roofing, siding, and reinforcing bars.
Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry employs hot-rolled steel in the production of industrial machinery and equipment parts, pipes, and tubes.
Automotive: Hot-rolled coils are one of the materials used in the making of chassis parts, frame constructions, body panel elements, or any kind of automotive structural part.
Infrastructure: High-strength, hot-rolled steel is used in structures for construction works. Used in bridges, railways, highways, and other activities where strength and durability play important roles in long-term performance.

Hot Rolled Coils and Steel Sheet Manufacturer

Raw Material Selection

The manufacturing process begins with the careful selection of raw materials, typically low carbon steel or alloyed steel. These materials are chosen for their suitability in withstanding high temperatures and pressure during the rolling process.

Heating and Rolling Process

Once the raw materials are selected, they undergo heating in furnaces to high temperatures. This heat treatment softens the steel, making it malleable for the rolling process. The heated steel is then passed through rollers, where it is shaped into coils or sheets of varying thickness.

Cooling and Coiling

After the rolling process, the hot rolled coils are rapidly cooled to room temperature to maintain their structural integrity. The coils are then coiled for transportation and storage, ready for further processing or direct use in various applications. 

Equivalent Grade of Hot Rolled Coil

Equivalent Grade of Hot Rolled Coil refers to the comparison of the properties and characteristics of a particular hot rolled coil with those of another material or grade. This comparison helps in identifying the similar or equivalent grade of hot rolled coil from different standards or specifications. It ensures that the desired mechanical, chemical, and dimensional properties are met, allowing for interchangeability or substitution in various applications within the steel industry.

Benefits of Hot Rolled Coils and Steel Sheets

Cost-effective: Although there are times when hot-rolled coils and sheets are not cost-effective compared to their cold-rolled counterparts, they remain the favourite for heavy construction projects where cost-effectiveness is paramount.
Improved Mechanical Properties: Hot rolling enhances the mechanical properties of the steel in terms of increased tensile strength, better ductility, and formability for its usage in a wide variety of applications. Versatility: A large number of grades, thicknesses, and sizes of the products in hot rolled coils and sheets give room for flexibility in a number of project requirements and specifications.

Quick Availability: Hot-rolled steel is market-available with quite minimal lead times and quick turnaround times, being one of the best alternatives to consider for time-constrained projects.

Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Coils/Steel Sheet

Thickness Yield Strength Tensile StrengthElongationHardness
5mm to 300mm345-450490-590max 30between 150 and 190 HB

Chemical Composition of Hot Rolled Coils/Steel Sheet

0.21%0.15%0.75% to 1.00%0.50%0.050%

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